Running a business is demanding. More moving parts than a Swiss watch. You have employees in the office, at a client meeting, on the road, at a coffee shop down the street. How do you know what they’re all doing? Well, you don’t need to be in the midst of the gears and mechanics of the watch to find out.
Rawstream gives you the visibility to see what employees are working on no matter where they’re working. In that way you know they’re being productive. The people in your business may be spread out but with Rawstream you have all that you need to see what they’re doing, right in front of you. Right now. In that way the watch keeps on ticking.

Transparency so that you can see what the moving parts are doing

Provides transparency on what your employees are doing, even if they’re offsite or travelling.
Provides a manager with visibility to what files his team are putting into Dropbox, including confidential ones.
Give employees visibility with my.rawstream to help them manage their time better by seeing their own web usage reports

Transparency for your employees too… so they can see how well they’re doing

Allows employees to see their own internet usage so that they can self-manage themselves for more productive use of the internet while at work.

Know where your employees’ time is going… so it’s not gone too soon

Allows a manager to see how much time employees are spending on non-work related websites and social sites in order to help them better use their time for better productivity. Gives the manager confidence in allowing his employees flexibility as to where they work since no matter where they are he knows what they’re working on.

Easy to use… like looking at a watch

Gives the manager the ability to easily immediately access the reports he needs

Safety at all times of the day so that the gears of your company keep working

Gives the manager the ability to ration access to social media sites (and block objectionable sites) for their employees. Provides a safe working environment for employees – adult and other objectionable content are not appropriate in the workplace and will lead to lower staff morale. It also can expose the organisation to legal risks. Blocks malware and phishing threats from stealing confidential company information or employees identities.

Rawstream. Transparency Matters™

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