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How it works

Rawstream works everywhere


Distributed Employees

Guest devices

Rawstream solves web-filtering at the endpoint, making it easy for you to manage.
So you can see transparency in action. There’s no need for hardware; it has zero
effect on download speeds; and it provides protection beyond your company’s network.

Cloud management that helps you manage better

Rawstream’s cloud management is intuitive. We give you all the information, speed and power you need in one place. Just one.

Simple Deployment – and We Mean It!

Say goodbye to complex deployment. Forget about hardware and those upfront
costs, upgrades, and the ongoing maintenance that go with it. Rawstream
rolls out with minimal setup and you get access to new features instantly. Via the cloud.
Rawstream can be deployed in minutes with nothing but an internet
connection. Start with a machine or two, and then incrementally
across the organisation.

User Management that’s Easy to Manage

Manage access to your company’s network easily and just as easily sync with directories you already use to add or remove users. You can also prevent unwanted access to your network by only inviting and approving the people that you want. With Rawstream you can set network access policy on an individual level, and always see everyone. Literally everyone.

HTTPs filtering out of the box

With all major websites migrating to HTTPs it is important to filter HTTPs traffic.

Rawstream supports HTTPs filtering out of the box. No additional configuration, proxies or certificates necessary. It just works.

Native support for Google Apps and Chromebooks

Full integration with Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education, as well as native support for ChromeOS devices. Log in to Rawstream using Google Apps SSO, and create policies for individuals based on their Google account. Rawstream Agent for Chrome supports fully automated deployment via your Google Domain dashboard. Learn More »

Global coverage, Local speed

No matter where your people roam, they’re never far from Rawstream. We run in top tier data centers around
the world, so you get global reach without sacrificing browsing performance. Thanks to our innovative hybrid
deployment, you get a network that’s always fast, always reliable. All the time.

Safe Online

Rawstream is updated in real-time to give you 24×7 coverage. It gives your company transparency so that you – and
your management – know what’s happening. All the time. We also protect against the latest threats, including securing
your people and network from internet malware and phishing attacks. So you can sleep well at night. And so can your boss.

Tamper proof audit trail

Track all agent activity: installs, start, stop and removal.

Rawstream. Transparency Matters™

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