Web Filtering For Chromebooks / Google Apps

Integrates with Google Apps for Education / Business

Google Apps and Chromebooks are fast gaining popularity among small and medium organisations. And it’s not hard to see why: simplified deployment and management and lower costs make Google Apps and ChromeOS devices appealing.

Rawstream integrates seamlessly with your Google Apps for Business or Education account to keep your organisation safe and productive.

Works everywhere

Rawstream for ChromeOS works wherever the device – on-network or off.

User Management That’s Easy To Manage

Set web access policies on an individual level based on the user’s Google credentials. User accounts are synced automatically with Google Apps.


Rawstream does not add latency or additional hops for network traffic, unlike traditional cloud proxy and VPN services. Fast, effective and no impact on end-users.


my.rawstream lets employees view their own personal internet usage reports. Just browse to my.rawstream.com to view your real-time web activity.

Parents will appreciate being able to monitor their child’s online activity.

Tamper Proof

The Rawstream for ChromeOS agent cannot be disabled or removed by end-users.

All agent events are audited including agent install, start, stop and uninstall.

Simple deployment

Whether one device or an entire fleet, the Rawstream for ChromeOS agent takes just a few clicks to deploy from your Google Apps domain dashboard. We have a step-by-step guide that will have you up and running in minutes.

HTTPs filtering out of the box

With all major websites migrating to HTTPs it is important to filter HTTPs traffic.

Rawstream supports HTTPs filtering out of the box. No additional configuration, proxies or certificates necessary. It just works.

No hardware. No software.

No VPN servers or extra network costs either. Create a Rawstream.com account, deploy Rawstream for ChromeOS and… done!

Flexible Licensing

We offer flexible licensing options for educational institutions and non-profits, including site and appliance-like licensing. Contact us for details

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