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Rawstream cannot know the contents of your email or other sensitive or company information.

At Rawstream we take privacy very seriously. We’re a productivity service. That’s our focus as a company. What we provide online is no different than when a manager walks around the office and sees what their employees are working on. With Rawstream you just do it from your desk. We also encourage employers to get employees to use the my.rawstream feature. This feature allows employees to see their own internet usage and self-manage accordingly. What the employee sees on my.rawstream is what the manager sees on his or her dashboard.

Company Data

We only collect the domain name and the time spent on a domain name. We only log that an employee has visited, say,, but it is not possible for us to know the contents of emails, documents or files downloaded. None of our deployment methods – DNS-based filtering, nor the Rawstream User Agent collect or transmit the contents of any internet traffic to None of your company’s data, email or documents ever pass through or are processed by Rawstream’s servers.
We understand why people may be concerned about the issue of privacy. None of the other cloud-based web filtering services can match our privacy guarantee. Due to the way the other cloud-based web filtering providers work, all an organisation’s communications, emails and internet traffic have to go through central servers. Privacy is important so we have built Rawstream to deliver on our guarantee. With Rawstream you do not have to worry about privacy.
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