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In today’s office there are very few offices and sometimes very few employees
because they’re working remotely: on the road; at the client’s office; at offsite
meetings; at a café; at home. The office of today is more of a temporary workplace.

It’s like a watch where all the gears and mechanisms are scattered in different places.

When it’s your business or your department and the bottom line matters you want
to know what your employees are doing. In that sense you’re like every boss that’s
ever managed a business or a team.

Harness, not Harass

Rawstream gives you the ability to harness your employees’ productivity through visibility.
That’s because no matter where they’re working, you can see what they’re doing. That gives
them the flexibility to work where they want to and you the ability to manage them no matter
where they are. In today’s business speak that’s a win-win. And the hour, minute and second
hands keep moving.

Manage not micro-manage

The 2013 internet
usage survey showed that
of staff spend 30-60 minutes per
day on non work-related websites – not including lunch or break times.
Rawstream gives you the ability to ration internet usage by site— and also gives staff the ability to
do the same. Which means you can help them manage their time — or they can self-manage it themselves.

Security Too

While Rawstream is primarily a productivity tool, it has valuable security features too.
As the internet is one of the major routes for malware to enter an organization,
Rawstream has the ability to block phishing URLs before they get onto your network.

Consumer IT?

Consumer apps are spreading rapidly with intuitive user interfaces that help
employees get the job done. And, Dropbox makes it easier than ever to share
documents — even those you don’t want shared.

Rawstream will make sure apps aren’t used as a portal into the company. It
also shows you who is using Dropbox and if a sensitive document is being shared.
Your employees can continue using their favourite tools as they like and you can
get peace of mind knowing that they’re using them in the right way. After all, it
takes just a grain of sand to stop a watch.

Available in minutes – really – with benefits only we deliver

Rawstream can be available in minutes with minimal disruption to your office.

Our unique technology has all the advantages of a cloud-based service yet zero impact
on browsing performance.

We offer support for any environment. If you have a single office then a simple
DNS change protects every device accessing the internet using your fixed or
wireless network. Add a remote office to the same account and we’ll give you
central reporting for all offices. By deploying a small agent in your office’s
laptops you make them transparent to you wherever they are and protected at
the same time.

Our multiple global data centers and frequent updates means that the service will
have no downtime and security protection is up all the time. That’s 24 hours. Daily.

Experience for yourself the benefits of transparency with our 15-day free trial

Just follow the simple instructions for changing your DNS settings and in a
few minutes your entire fixed and wireless networks will be transparent to
you and protected from the outside. After all, when it comes to your company
you want to see what’s really happening. In real time.

Rawstream. Transparency Matters™

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