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Better user experience

Other solutions: slow down browsing by up to 50%

Rawstream: Zero impact on browsing speed

Rawstream does not add latency or additional hops for network traffic, unlike other cloud-based
proxy and VPN services. The Rawstream User Agent does filtering at the end point and DNS-based
filtering is a fast lookup to our Rawstream DNS servers. Fast, effective and no impact on end-users.


my.rawstream lets employees view their own personal internet usage reports. That lets them modify their surfing behaviour if need be. It makes them more productive. It makes the company more productive too.

Privacy Guarantee

We never see your organisation’s confidential data

None of your company’s data, email or documents ever pass through or are processed by Rawstream’s servers.

We only collect the domain name and the time spent on a domain name. None of our deployment methods – DNS-based filtering, nor the Rawstream User Agent collect or transmit the contents of any internet traffic to rawstream.com. Read our Privacy Guarantee

Dropbox monitoring

And Google Drive. One Drive, Cubby…

We show you who is using such content sharing apps, and we list any files shared that break company policy. Create granular policies to protect against the sharing of documents containing credit card numbers or other sensitive data.

With good reason, Consumer IT is spreading rapidly throughout organisations. With Rawstream, consumer apps are ready for business.

Accurate actionable reporting


Other solutions show browser hits – sometimes all of them! This isn’t accurate as they aren’t correctly accounting for user behaviour.  A user might have multiple pages open at once – but will only work on one at a time.
We’re the only solution to show in real time where your employees are spending their time. That’s what matters.


Rawstream is different: we measure where your eyes are. The time someone is actually looking at a website. Down to the minute. We show the websites where the time is spent versus the time that the browser spent.
No misleading data at all. Just what you need to know and no more.

Native support for Google Apps and Chromebooks

Full integration with Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education, as well as native support for ChromeOS devices. Log in to Rawstream using Google Apps SSO, and create policies for individuals based on their Google account. Rawstream Agent for Chrome supports fully automated deployment via your Google Domain dashboard. Learn More »

Rawstream. Transparency Matters™

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